Sit and Think Chairs

Beau Fleuve Music & Arts will be launching their "Sit and Think" Arts Initiative. This project will consist of artist curated messages displayed on Adirondack chairs. They will be selecting four local artists to curate a message of their choosing with no limitations on the chairs and would like for the community to engage by sitting in the chair, thinking about the message of the artist. They will be receiving feedback via "Thinking Boxes" where folks can place perceptions or responses, placed in various locations through Buffalo in the East Side, West Side, Elmwood, Allentown, BNMC, Downtown, South Buffalo, and Larkin Square from June to August 2021.

The second phase the chairs will be a part of an art installation at the 5th annual Beau Fleuve Music & Arts Festival, still involving community engagement and hosting a silent auction to provide proceeds for the Foundation.

The foundation provides educational music and arts programs for inner city youth ages 5-22 and has serviced over 400 youth since its first year in 2019.

Funded by Buffalo, NY (April 2021)