Invisible Instruments

Anyways, one of my current projects is the design of invisible instruments. The youtube video was a very early and primitive version of the 'invisible violin.' I designed and recorded it for a college course because I had left my actual violin at home.

I would like to continue designing invisible instruments and further develop the current instruments (violin, piano, and drums) to create abilities and effects far beyond the scope of a normal acoustic version. For instance, adding the ability for complex FM, self-harmonization, vocoding, etc, all built into an instrument you can't see. Or maybe a 7-stringed violin. The possibilities are pretty limitless.

In essence, you could use the same tools to play a multitude of instruments.

Potentially it's an infinitely better version of WiiMusic, and one that could do significant damage (in a good way) to the computer music world.

Funded by Boston, MA (October 2010)