Breakfastbellies has been established for approximately 6 years or so now .

Our concept is simple we do not believe it’s necessary in today’s Australia for any hold to be hungry , over the years we have provided food to thousands of family’s .

We put together food hampers that we then make available to the community, we are also have a great relationship with the schools and deliver hampers as required, in an combined effort to keep kids at school .
We have a Facebook page that will give you an idea of some of what we do .

We are for the best part self funded and run , we are a non for profit organisation and have no desire to ever make money that’s not the objective of what we do .

We have relationships with some absolutely brilliant people who belong to some of the best community organisations around and their support has been very refreshing over the years.

Any funds we would be able to be lucky enough to obtain would go into obtaining more pantry stock to be put into hampers that will help many family’s in the community.

Please head to our Facebook page , we try to keep the page active as time allows

breakfastbellies INC

Funded by Fleurieu (March 2021)