Art Block

Art Block is a bicycle driven arts and crafts program that is dedicated to the St.Clair Superior and Hough Neighborhoods to deliver free Spring until Fall programming to all ages from recycled materials colloquially called the art cart.It has had a successful launch in 2020 with our fiscal agent Upcycle Parts Shop. It's created and liasoned by me David who is a lifelong resident and local artist

. I started a pilot of the program when I worked for Upcycle Parts Shop and now I independently run the small but mighty program and give use my hours to work alongside our friends at our local Food Not Bombs chapter every other week. I also have used my hours to go to local farmers markets, work alongside Ingenuity fest and go to local events with the art cart.

The materials come from donations to Upcycle Parts shop or from my recyclables and I turn it into a craft that can be done in about 15 minutes for any age group. I've also been making toys for people to take away with them that are cheerful and an entry point into engagement and social connection.

Funded by Cleveland, OH (March 2021)