Candidato 34

Bryan Russell is the first person in the world with Down syndrome to ever run for public office. ‘Candidato 34’ is a feature length documentary that follows Bryan and his campaign team during the 2020 and 2021 congressional election in Peru as he attempts to convince a reluctant public that he is capable of being a congressman, and an important voice for change.

With exclusive access to Bryan’s impressive political team including renowned Columbian strategist Angel Beccassino, Bryan’s relationship with the world and his closest allies will be examined and challenged. In a country defined by political corruption and oppression, Bryan has two weeks to convince the people of Peru that someone with Down syndrome is capable of being a political leader. To win, Bryan will have to discover courage in the midst of unexpected tragedy and withstand person attacks from a Society that isn’t always willing to accept him. No matter the outcome, Bryan and his team will never be the same. 

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What our grantee is saying: "We've been working on this project for the past 8 months and this vote of confidence and support from the Awesome Foundation gives us the boost we need to keep going. Thank you for helping Bryan's story come to life"

Funded by Disability (September 2020)