Aware of Our Water: Spring Creek Geocache Game

Players are directed to find various landmarks around the Centre Region that tap into and capture the beauty of our Spring Creek Watershed. But rather than find a "cache," players to photos or selfies at game locations to prove they've found each cache, and post them to the game's social media site (e.g., Instagram or Facebook group page)..

Cache challenges may include
Find a duck at Big Srping
Find Millbrook Marsh
Find the creek bank restoration project at the Military Museum in Boalsburg
Find Mussers Gap
Find the solar project at the University Joint Authority
Find the Shingletown Gap Reservoir

I'll approach Clearwater Conservancy to "house" the game, they also have lots of information and existing educational materials about the local watershed. I'll also work to build a coalition of area organizations that would help promote the game via website link and potentially,

Area businesses will be asked to offer coupons to game participants as they complete each cache in the game. Players who drive out to Big Spring might stop at a sponsoring local tavern or cafe, players who drive out to the Military Museum might stop at a participating business in the Boalsburg Diamond, e.g.

Funded by State College, PA (August 2020)