The League of Extraordinary Gentlepeople

September’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Ashley Proulx, Laura Wheeler, Steven Lafond, Garret Brink, and Zach Counsil to produce a fictional web series set in Ottawa that seeks to answer the question “In the wake of so much change, how can we stand for something better?”

“Chronicling the formation of The League of Extraordinary Gentlepeople," explains Steven, “the series will follow a group of ordinary Canadians struggling to navigate the socioeconomic, psychological, and ethical challenges of the pandemic. They will discover unbeknownst strength, love, and unity as they bring hope to a city with a dark secret.”

“Based on the Eddie May Mysteries 2017 theatrical production of the same name,” he continues, “this incarnation once again features many of the original artists, known and loved by the Ottawa performance community. At times, the series will resemble a mocumentary, with phones, GoPros, and other mobile cameras following our heroes as they protect the streets. At others, when the characters are out of costume and going about their lives, it will feel more like a comedy drama. It will have a quirky, funny edge like Arrested Development or The Office, and also the epic tropes of the superhero genre we all know and love.”

“The League of Extraordinary Gentlepeople will feature the city of Ottawa abundantly,” says Steven, “and use the skills we have all developed over many years and the creativity flowing in our veins to create a groundbreaking storytelling experience through the lens of vigilante superheroes.”

Funded by Ottawa (September 2020)