PODPLAYS: Downloadable Art for Your Ears

Podplays are downloadable plays designed specifically for your ears. Simply choose your play and download, find the "set"/ public location on a map and head out there to discover your city in a new way.!

Some are best listened to in a certain location or site, some ask you to be a spectator on the move and to listen while you walk or run a certain route, and some ask you to simply download, plug in your earphones and close your eyes.

Myself and my students will be discovering some currently unused or neglected spaces in the city core in Calgary, AB. We will be creating podplays that repurpose and/or uncover these spaces for the public.

The locations will be mapped and high quality pieces of sound art in the form of MP3 files will be posted on the site, and freely available to the public.

Funded by Calgary, AB (September 2012)

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