WE are ALL in this TOGETHER

"We are all in this Together Gloucester" is a Facebook group that was made by Patty Wall and Leah Lovasco with the hope that maybe we can all help each other as a community during the Covid-19 crisis. The group was intended to be a place to post individual or community needs. "Can't find something in the stores near you? Post it here so we can all look out for it where we are. Or post anything you have excess of that someone might need'. The goal was to be good humans and take care of each other!

It has become all that and then some. We have seen some incredible generosity and a significant need. This goes beyond needing toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. Our community has many resources (The Open Door, Action Shelter, YMCA, Pathways for Children, just to name a few), but we have learned that people have immediate needs that arise when those organizations are not open. We have helped people who have no food or transportation, elders who were symptomatic and needed a thermometer right away, a woman reached out for food and privately asked for feminine hygiene products, a person ending cancer treatment and needed Lysol spray and cleaner before he could come home, seniors who can't get out and need trash bags. This list goes on and the generosity of the community continues to amaze us, but not everybody can afford to pay for the items that people need and they don't always have food in the cabinets to donate.

With the support from Awesome Gloucester, we can fill more of these small needs that help in a HUGE way.

Funded by Gloucester, MA (April 2020)