"Walking on the Wall"

Both visually and physically stimulating, “Walking on the Wall” is a project that allows viewers to experience what it is like to walk across the gallery wall. SImply, the viewer is confronted with a staircase that spirals its way up onto the wall. Two rails run parallel to the stairs that have sliding supports mounted to them which the viewer leans on in order to traverse the wall.

This work creates an awesome sensory experience for participants, allowing them to interact with a wall in a way they never have before. It inspires viewers to question their relationship with space and with architecture and invigorates their imagination. Walking away from this work inspired viewers will continue to traverse other walls and ceilings in their minds eye.

As an object, the stairs and walking support of this sculpture are visually stunning. The fabrication is structurally sound and the design is elegant and effective. Beyond the aesthetics of the sculpture itself lies the visually compelling footprints that will remain on the wall. Then on top of all that is the rich and engaging experience and dialogue that will exist among the viewers. This work when fully realized will be a muti-dimensional project; rich in content, aesthetics, and experiences. It will play a key role in allowing others to fully appreciate and realize the endless amount of awesomeness that there is in this world.

Funded by San Francisco, CA (November 2012)