Young People's Busker Festival

You've heard about Kingston's Buskers Festival - well, with Awesome Kingston's help, this event is going to be even better. I purpose starting an alternative Busker's Festival...a Young People's Buskers Festival.

At this event, all interested young people of Kingston, ages 6-18, would come out and share their busking skills with the Kingston community. In City Park we want to see children doing balloon animal creations, juggling, cartoon drawing, unicycling, cup stacking and much, much more. There will be no jury and no fees associated with this festival - young people can just come out and have a good time.

This idea is AWESOME and will help the Kingston community because it will allow kids in Kingston the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of a large group of people instead of just their family and friends. It encourages the Kingston community to support and recognize their youth.

By giving these young buskers an audience, it boosts their confidence and encourages them to take pride in their talents. This event also allows the young people of Kingston to meet new friends of similar interests.

Funded by Kingston (June 2012)