Tympani Time

Tympani Time is an initiative of Orchestra Kingston to procure four used typmani. In addition to being used for the non-profit orchestra, they could also be made available to other Kingston community groups as well, and will also feature in a new composition by conductor John Palmer, which will premiere in a celebratory public performance.

It all started six years ago when a small chamber group that met every two weeks to read through classical works observed that Kingston needed a good community orchestra to open up more playing opportunities. Now, six years later, Orchestra Kingston has grown to a 40+ piece orchestra that provides local musicians with the opportunity to play Canadian and international orchestral repertoire. We also provide an accessible, affordable music experience for our community.

Orchestra Kingston's goals include:

  • preparing three concerts per year with a mixture of Classical, Canadian, and shorter repertoire, currently playing at the Salvation Army Citadel.

  • providing opportunities to community groups and musicians to perform with an orchestra

  • supporting one another in our efforts to provide quality music to the community

The tympani will be valuable assets to Orchestra Kingston as well as to the local musical community!

Funded by Kingston (November 2011)