San José Arts Advocates

San José Arts Advocates is an emerging collaborative project driven by the San José creative community dedicated to education, advocacy, and action to support arts and culture.

We are planning a public launch event for Saturday, February 15, 2020, at 6:00pm at the School of Visual Philosophy (1065 The Alameda, San José), tentatively titled Creating Change: Arts and San José Politics.

In keeping with our key goals (see below), the event will showcase San José artists creating works across multiple mediums – visual, sculpture, spoken word, dance, and more – that speak to the current political climate in our city and the upcoming primary elections for city council.

Over the course of an evening, each artist will present their work in a personalized, curated space in an open studio venue. There will be a brief program to introduce SJAA, unveil the winner of our student logo contest, and announce our inaugural work plan.

We are inviting elected officials, community leaders, creative professionals, and all of our neighbors to join us for an interactive, educational, and hopefully inspiring event. Attendees will be encouraged to learn more about SJAA and how they can get involved, including membership and advocacy.

This event is intended to help SJAA create the critical mass of awareness and excitement necessary to launch a successful movement to support our local creative community. It will provide San José residents with unique insights into city government and the importance of making their voices heard.

Funded by San Jose, CA (January 2020)