Social Media and Internet Marketing

As local businesses tend to have bad digital marketing plans, such as not having ads, not having a good website, and not having good content on the web. I want to create a service/agency that can help them with this issue. By managing their digital marketing plan, which implies fixing and making better their website, creating good content to create more traffic, making email campaigns to gain and re-target customers.
This is different because I would focus and many aspects and not just one like Facebook or Instagram, I will really help them in all possible ways so the businesses can gain more traffic to their business or website, depending on their way of making sales.
It's a way so that businesses can catch up with their competitors that are already doing them and really get them out their.
This has a big market too, well there are about 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S. and of those 30.2 million, 5.5 million are family owned, which tend to have these ideas of having billboards or newspaper are still a thing. They need to update to grow, and that's when I come In.

Funded by South Bend, IN (November 2019)