The Ultimate Pop Up Junkyard Playground - 3214

The Ultimate Pop-Up Junkyard Playground is a two day art extravaganza of children and young people aged 6-16yrs of age coming together to design and build their own village and it is coming to Geelong for its 2nd incarnation

Participants are welcomed onto a site where they are supplied with recycled and reclaimed building materials, an assortment of found and reclaimed objects and the tools to build their ideal creations.

Professional artists, architects, landscape gardeners and a host of volunteers are there to help support them bring these ideas to life by teaching them how to use tools safely, share building and design tips and support them in their creative endeavors. The kids ultimately are in charge, it is their ideas but we provide them with the support they need to do so safely.

The project is based upon the original concept introduced to the world by landscape architect Karl Sorenson in 1942. It was his answer to the loss of access to free measured risky and creative play in a world that was increasingly becoming urbanized and hostile towards children and young peoples desire to be loud, messy and creative.

We have taken this concept and used it as the inspiration to create two day events that not only provide tools, materials and support but also examine the participants rights and their capacity to engage in the creation of their community. It is an art project that provides the participants with a safe space to share their views and engage in measured risky play. It is built upon an an ethos of inclusiveness and ultimately our aim is to provide spaces for children and young people where their ideas, creativity and passion are respected. and listened to by the community.

We have been invited to hold this event in the 3214 are at the Cloverdale Community Centre. The 3214 area is often viewed in a negative light, this program provides a platform for the younger generation to prove that they are capable of creating magic.

Funded by Geelong (October 2019)