Write vs. Wrong

I'm looking to make a series of 50 postcards, one for each state, about climate change. The postcards will be a sort of sequel to my internet-viral art project National Parks 2050 (www.hrothstein.com/national-parks-2050) and will feature a vintage aesthetic based on those well known "Greetings from [Place]" postcards.

Each postcard will highlight an effect of climate change currently being felt in each state. For example, the California postcard will show a landscape ravaged by wildfire and the letters in "California" filled with flames. Yeah, I know... pretty uplifting stuff, but important to call out! On the back of each postcard will be a short bit of text explaining how climate change is responsible for whatever is shown on front.

My plan is to partner with a grassroots organization (or several orgs) to organize a letter writing campaign to Congress using the postcards.

Once complete, the whole project will be available for view on Instagram @HRothsteinArt and my website (bloo button, above).

Funded by San Francisco, CA (October 2019)