VoiceGivers Choir

VoiceGivers Choir is blazing new territory in Pittsburgh! Formed in the summer of 2019, we will present programs where music is integrated with personal narrative stories, multimedia, poetry, and other forms of expression to engage the audience in the emotions and reality of important issues facing vulnerable members of our community. The beauty and talents of VoiceGivers singers will work in tandem with those directly affected by and working to alleviate serious challenges to create a deep and memorable experience.

We are a professional chamber choir with a mission to help address social and economic issues. In partnership with nonprofit organizations, VoiceGivers creates performances that are intended to engage, motivate and inspire. Our programs follow an emotional arc, starting with musical and narrative material focusing on the particular issue, and then continuing with music of overwhelming hope and vision for a better world.

The proceeds of the concerts benefit the partner nonprofit organization. In addition, our objective is to engage an audience beyond the specific event by motivating them to join a cause and devote themselves to the betterment of our city and region.

Our inaugural performance will October 13, 2019. The cause is aiding caregivers of children with serious medical issues, and the nonprofit agency is the Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition (https://ppcc-pa.org). We have planned future performances in the winter and spring in support of other nonprofit organizations.

Our team and singers are committed to making this happen, to connecting musicians and their audience with the vulnerable in our community. We’re building something here in Pittsburgh that has the potential to be a beacon to artists in other cities, shining a light on an untapped opportunity.

Yes, it is true: Music Makes the Difference!

Funded by Pittsburgh, PA (September 2019)