Lighting for the Future

The GHS Auditorium technology is in desperate need of an upgrade to the modern era. With the invention of USB drives and LED lights, the current system at GHS that uses floppy disks is desperately out of its time. Through updating the technology in the GHS auditorium to the ETC Nomad, the GHS Theatre program can become a host school for the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild (METG) Drama Festival celebration. As a host school for Drama Fest, schools from around Mass would come to Gloucester to share the short plays they have been working on and get feedback from professionals in the Boston theatre industry. Because ETC is the industry standard, most schools have lighting boards that would allow them to save their show as an ETC compatible file, allowing them to bring their already designed show to Gloucester with ease. This update is also entirely portable, allowing all of its pieces to be packed safely away into a backpack to travel, should GHS theatre want to take their Drama Fest show to another school, or should the auditorium get renovated.

Funded by Gloucester, MA (August 2019)