Tasty mushroomburgers for flexitarian people

It is our mission to provide the people with food based on local waste streams produced by smart technology. This statement has been developed on four problems on which we want to contribute on the solutions

  • Our living space had been built or paved for 70 procent which reduces the water drainage, health & wellbeing levels of the people (WUR,2019);
  • A flexitarian diet saves 1366 liters of drinkwater and 2 kilograms of animal feed per day when not eating any meat (Nudge, 2015);
  • The energy use is partly renewable (6,6%) and mostly fossil (93,4);
  • At the Netherlands cancer is the main reason of death, one of the causes is an unhealthy diet which contains to much red meat and charcuterie (Voedingscentrum, 2019)

Therefore the local government of Almere introduced a program in 2017 which focusses on greening, feeding, energyzing and healthying. One of the program results is our company UPZWAM. Our mission is to provide food to people based on waste streams and produced in our own technical growth systems. To realise this mission we execute three key activities:

-Cultivate edible mushrooms on local waste streams (coffee grounds, wood);
-Produce derivative food products like vegaburgers, snacks and fitness supplements;
- Design, development en production of modular technical solutions for small mushroom cultivators;

To realise this activities we use serval resources. To collect the coffee grounds we collaborate with a local coffee company (Van Duijnen) and we are working on collaboration with a health supplier (Kwintes) tot create social jobs. All knowledge for the cultivation proces is obtained by ourselves. The result: an automated growthroom which is connected to the internet for continuous improvement.

By these activities we want to reduce the impact on the local environment and supply in the need for delicious food and cultivation technology.

Funded by Almere (May 2019)