The Block Party by The Community Theatre

Community Theatre is an initiative by Beyond Social Services that rallies
volunteers from different walks of life to co-create a show that engages its
audience to reflect on the social challenges faced by children and families
from low-income backgrounds. Since 2015, the Community Theatre has
developed into a youth development programme that engages both rental
and purchase flat youths to produce interactive performances base on
personal experiences.
This year, Beyond Social Services will be partnering with the good people of
ArtsWok Collaborative by providing The Community Theatre an opportunity to
be part of the upcoming M1 Peer Pleasure Festival 2019. This will be a great opportunity to elevate the voices of marginalize youths through The Community Theatre programme.

As the theme for the festival is Poverty in Singapore, it will be a platform to hear the voices of young people living in poverty taking their stand on the topic and sharing their ideas to tackle them. They will share and perform their experiences living in rental flats, the unheard stories, aspirations and perspectives on people living in poverty that we don't usualy hear from professionals and academics. Through this experience, we will be re-shifting their personal narrative from a receiver to a contributor as they will be empowered to advocate, take ownership of their community issues while de-bunking the stigmas that others have on them.

Funded by Singapore (May 2019)