My installation was just selected for the Los Angeles Design Festival, which will take place from June 20-23, 2019. The LA Design Festival theme this year is 'Design with Purpose'.

The installation, 'SPACES FOR SPONTANEOUS SINGING' brings the activity of uninhibited singing from a private spatial experience of one’s shower, to the public street, inviting moments of joyful expression within a new form of dedicated urban mini ‘singing shower park’. It honors both' joy as a purpose, and that purpose brings joy'. This temporary installation is designed as an intergenerational social experience, where participants can sing individually, in groupings, or remain as seated viewers.

Conceptual ‘Showers’ (without water) will be built full scale to a maximum of 7’ high. The 'showers' anchored to bases (stages), privacy screens and seating can be utilized alone, or relocated to a social grouping, allowing for a ‘private’ singing experience or for couples, families and friends to sing together. The sound of water will be playing, soothing in the June heat. Vocal students from Los Angeles (the home of performance) will be invited to the installation to encourage the public to participate. It is part of the overall design festival event, surrounded by other activities and open to the public.

The installation on a 20’x40’ site, in a parking space in Downtown Los Angeles, is a component system using circular 'language of perforated holes', inspired by the shower head, to be assembled onsite.

-Showerheads of Wood, flexible rubber tubing to simulate water
-Stanchions: Wood/PVC
-Wood Base (Stage): Option A: 30” diameter
-Privacy Screens: Interlocking Wood Strips with PVC/Acrylic Rods inserted into holes
-Seating: Wood and PVC
-Handheld Shower: Rubber Tubing and Sponge. (This will be used as a fake microphone)

The installation is self-funded. Given the short funding cycle between notification and installation, it is challenging to secure grants.

Funded by Los Angeles, CA (April 2019)