To create a Center for sustainable help

Women Initiative Network of Liberia (WIN-Liberia) was established in 2017 to create a place with activities and support services that would cater for specific needs for single moms, youth,children and vulnerable adults in the Liberian immigrants community in Cass & Clay County. our mission & vision is building our community and improving lives. And our primary activities are: 1.Promote dignity and self-esteem,2.Foster independence and self-determination,3.Facilitate careers development program for youth and teen moms in our community,4.Dispel stereotypes and myths about Liberian community,5.Facilitate after-school programs for single mom’s children. And we intent to extend some of our project to Liberia in the future.However, the organization does not have a funder. All of our passed and current projects is being sponsor by the organization founder/ED, fundraiser and other community members. And for current project, we're seeking for an assistance that will help us keep our center for continue services to the people that we service. In that light,the purpose of this project is to help pay for at least four to five months rent for center/office space as it would ease the weight off our ED shoulders while she continue to searched for a facial sponsor(s).This overall program will be monitored, evaluate, and adapted on a regular basis throughout the program circle. the project will not hire staff with this fund, but stipends will be provided to mentors who will manage and implement this program only when the needs arises. our duty is to supervise, engage, and motivate the beneficiaries from a variety of the Liberian
immigrants community and economic backgrounds.The board will ensure program compliance through oversight supervision.Moreover,this program will also allow WIN-Liberia-ND to gain her physical address and be located by her services she provide. this program will further strengthen our capacity to address the root causes of the issues that affect of community.

Funded by Cass Clay (April 2019)