Throwing a Citywide Wedding Ball for LGBT Muslims

Masjid al-Rabia is a transgender-led, women centered and queer affirming Islamic community center based in Chicago. We run a Prison Ministry--the only program like it in the world--that provides spiritual care, resources and advocacy for incarcerated queer and trans Muslims.

Two brothers in our community held in a state prison are in love, and want to be married in a traditional Islamic ceremony. However, the state and prison administration have been doing everything they can to prevent their marriage. There may be bars between them, but nothing so trivial as concrete and steel can get in the way of divine love, so faith leaders and advocates at Masjid al-Rabia designed a nikkah ceremony that is theologically and legally sound--despite the fact that two parties aren't allowed in the same room together. For the last several months (with the state moving our brothers around multiple times) in what might be the longest wedding ceremony ever conducted, our brothers have completed all of the steps necessary to make their wedding official. All that's left is for Masjid al-Rabia to host a ceremony.

SO we're throwing a wedding party and inviting all of Chicago's LGBTQIA+ Muslim community, our loved ones, our allies, and anyone who wants to help throw one hell of a party celebrating the kind of love that transcends all boundaries. We have the people, the passion and the faith in radical possibility. All we need is, y'know, money to throw the kind of party that this celebration deserves.

Funded by Chicago, IL (March 2019)