The Board Room Chess Baltimore

The Board Room Chess is a community initiative committed to creating safe spaces for Baltimore City Youth to gather and learn values, respect and develop self esteem, all while learning the game of chess. The Board Room meets twice each month. Each session includes basic chess instruction and segments on the importance of making good decisions, planning ahead or strategizing, setting goals, family values and the importance of authority, whether family, municipal or education. All participants receive a t-shirt, free lessons and a chess journal. Lunch is served each session.
Baltimore is the home of many young people with aspirations and talent outside of the normal stereotypes. Not all of our children would prefer to dribble a basketball or pass a football, however, there are not too many other options for those who would like to be challenged intellectually. At the Board Room individuals will be challenged as they learn the game and those who are familiar with the game will have the opportunity to mentor their peers. We hope to extend our program to a summer program to serve 35-50 youth.

As our youth learn the game of chess they will move to different levels. Each level is a bit more challenging as is life. Our coaches prepare each child to understand the game and the importance of being confident in making the right decision. As they perfect their game they will have the opportunity to receive ten lessons, taught by Chess Master William Morrison. Each participant will also be entered in the Annual Knights Pawn Tournament to compete with others their age and older. Parents are encouraged to support their children.

For parents we will offer mini workshops on financial literacy, which places an emphasis on saving and living within your means. Healthy eating and food friendly education for diabetes and high blood pressure will be offered as well as first time home buyers which will include education about grants, the buying process and credit education.

Funded by Baltimore, MD (February 2019)