Additional lighting for Hawley Art Show

A little over 51 years ago some forward thinking citizens of Hawley MN decided to host an annual art show to promote the arts and provide exhibition opportunities to regional artists. The show was and still is a success. It is an open show where anyone can exhibit and throughout the years it has remained popular with both the exhibiting artists and an appreciative public. The future of the show looks good.
The srt show does have a small budget that is used for yearly expenses and is replenished with monies from the modest entry fees charged the exhibiting artists. We have always been able to meet our expenses and remain solvent but our annual carryover is typically in the low hundreds of dollars.
A perpetual problem of the show is providing adequate lighting for the paintings. The show is held in the old gymnasium of the Hawley community building which, is a neat old art deco building but unfortunately has rather bad lighting even for an old gymnasium. We supplement the available light with some floor lamps but we still find that there are darker areas in the room. We feel that is unfair to the artists that have their work in those areas.
We would desperately like to purchase additional lighting so that our show can continue to thrive. We would purchase floor lamps, clamp on lamps, and the additional heavier extention cords with any money that you could offer us.
We have a great art show that we feel contributes to the quality of life in our small town. We intend to keep the tradition of putting on a quality show. Your financial assistance would help us greatly in achieving our goal.

Funded by Cass Clay (January 2019)