Leading the Way to Shed

In an effort to spark student interest in STEM, in local and global context, we are utilizing cross-curricular activities throughout the year involving marine life, cleanliness of the Great Lakes, environmental protection (recycling within the school), and finance (individual and group fundraising, along with environmental cost) to culminate in a field trip for all 6th graders to Shed Aquarium in Chicago, IL. To do so, students are completing all the cross-curricular activities, and leading fundraising for individual student ticket and food allowances. Students are selling various items during lunch time, keeping finance logs, and tracking saving accounts. Students will also be selling Little Ceasar's kits to add to their individual savings accounts while calculating progress to their goal. However, as 100% of our student population receives free breakfast and lunch, we are hoping to offset the transportation cost for the busing to Shed. We want to create an awesome experience for our students to see what knowledge in STEM can help protect, such as animal life, and clean water. We are also a Leader in Me school, so we are promoting Being Proactive, Begin With the End in Mind, and Think Win-Win for all aspects of study and fundraising. Students have already created a recycling, service club, and finance club to assist in this endeavor.

Funded by Ann Arbor, MI (December 2018)