Field Trip

Field Trip is a modern day general store in front and in the back we have production for our other business Hudson Naturals. Hudson Naturals is small batch apothecary that makes soap, lotions, candles and scrubs.

Field Trip moved to Newburgh not only to grow as a business but to help Newburgh grow as a community. We want a place where the people of Newburgh could come and shop but also learn how to make soap and other apothecary goods.

For 2019, Field Trip will host free public classes once a month at the store. The owners of the store would like to teach the public about the process making all the apothecary goods that Hudson Naturals produces. This would help educate the area about the health and wellness benefits while also bringing people together in making things for a day.

Field trip is about taking an adventure into the world of Makers. Makers believe that grassroots efforts combined with the passion to create, using craftsmanship, creativity, conscious repurposing and sustainability, can contribute to a heathy and holistic lifestyle.

Funded by Newburgh, NY (November 2018)