Guinness World Record

I have qualified to break an official Guinness World Record! Long considered the loudest person anyone has ever known, I had my students at SAY Si (a renowned non-profit arts program here in SA) shared with me the current world record for Longest Shout and I made an attempt, breaking the record. Since then Guinness have reviewed my attempt and found it legitimate, shared with me the official requirements, and approved me for an official world record attempt. However, it is expensive! For this sound-related record, a Class 1 Precision Measuring instrument is required, and that rental, plus the tech's time, cost money (see below). With your help, we can set a world record here in San Antonio.

I think this is inherently and intrinsically awesome, but there are other meaningful factors to consider. My approved word to say for the world record shout is "art," as I want to give a little love to our local arts community. My venue will be either Geekdom or SAY Si, bringing some attention to these amazing local institutions. Since the initial attempt happened because of my students at SAY Si, we can put their amazing work in the spotlight, too. Plus anything that puts San Antonio on the map is awesome for all of us.

Funded by San Antonio, TX (October 2018)