School Community Gardens

The Healthy Living Revolution is a mission driven model to inspire healthier living around the world. My initiative starts with our community and, more specifically with our young, eager and impressionable community, the children! I am working to bring community gardens into as many local schools and educational institutions as possible. The Tower Garden is an aeroponic, indoor growing system which allows lesson plans to be brought to life. Students are involved from 'seed to feed'. Seeds are planted, seedlings sprout, they are transferred to the Tower Garden, ph levels are monitored, harvesting occurs and fresh, fruits, vegetables and herbs are available for consumption. Curriculum and lesson plan ideas are provided. Students and staff alike have fallen in love with their school gardens. They have brought such a unique and rich culture of involvement to the school community.

When we teach kids about nature, we teach them to nurture.

Funded by Newmarket (June 2018)