Yemen (Inactive)

This chapter is currently inactive. An inactive chapter is one that has not given a grant in six months. If you are interested in re-activating this chapter, you can learn more about getting started.

About Us

Welcome! Awesome Yemen believes in the concept of transforming communities through small yet mighty micro-grants of up to YER 215,000 ($1,000) each month to citizens of Yemen who have great ideas that add value to their communities.

In an effort to complement Yemen’s economic development AY aims to empower communities and individuals who can mobilise an idea or project that will inspire positive social impact in the nation and directly support human, social and environmental causes for benefit of citizens.

It's our goal that AY grants will engender positive social initiatives that improve the human condition and stimulate environmental sustainability as we provide to those who have previously not had access to such funding.

We welcome your (very simple!) no-strings-attached grant application for those who have a great idea that makes a difference in Yemen.

Be a boss and tell your friends, email us to say hello [] and follow us on Twitter @AwesomeYemen

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