Southeast Asia (Inactive)

This chapter is currently inactive. An inactive chapter is one that has not given a grant in six months. If you are interested in re-activating this chapter, you can learn more about getting started.

About Us

Catalysed by!, we are a global chapter of passionate people aiming to further the spirit of Awesomeness in this region. We are individuals on an Exodus to discover new cultures, ideas and opportunities that can impact and catalyse change, and we happen to fall in love with S.E.Asia during our expedition.


we decided to come together to provide these 1000AUD grants every 2 months with no strings attached and claim no ownership. This is, in the words of one trustee... “a micro-genius grant for flashes of micro-brilliance.”

If you are ready to apply for an Awesome Grant, head on over to the application form and let your awesomeness show. We can’t wait to hear about your ideas!

P.S. We accept any awesome ideas from any region. So.. submit away :)

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