Pawesome (Inactive)

This chapter is currently inactive. An inactive chapter is one that has not given a grant in six months. If you are interested in re-activating this chapter, you can learn more about getting started.

About Us

Launched in June 2023, Pawesome is an independent chapter of the Awesome Foundation, a global community that provides micro-grants with no strings attached. The trustees of Pawesome are people who love animals and want to support animal-welfare ideas and projects, big or small, far & wide.

How it works: 10-ish Trustees each contribute $100 per month. People with awesome ideas submit an application for the grant. Please submit your application in English. The trustees review and discuss the applications, and pick the best one. The winner is given $1000, no strings attached.

The process is repeated every month, in order to spread the awesomeness. If your submission is not chosen for the month, you can apply the following month.

PLEASE NOTE, we DO NOT award grants for payments to individuals, travel expenses, or religious affiliated projects, and usually decline grant requests from large, well-established non-profits, or projects that are for-profit. If you are a big project for which $1000 is not a significant part of your (hopefully sustainable) budget, tell us, specifically, what Awesomeness $1000 will buy. Ready to apply? Awesome!

Meet the Trustees