Congratulations! You recycled your plastic.

Plastic pollution is becoming an increasingly huge topic of concern in Armenia as it's not only displeasing to an eye but also is detrimental to health. On the other hand, In the era of disruptive technologies, 3D printing is becoming more and more prevailing which is based on plastic usage. HUSK team has come up with an awesome project that addresses the urgent problem of pollution and uses it in disruptive technologies. Our idea is to produce wire that 3D printers use for printing plastic models, called filament, by recycling plastic bottles. For making this come true, we need a special machine which is portable, and we can take it with us to everywhere. The machine heats, presses and gives the desired form to plastic. By this, we will decrease the amount of plastic waste in Armenia by conducting special events in different areas, collecting plastic bottles and producing 3D printer filaments, which otherwise increase the amount of plastic waste by producing new plastic. Based on our estimations the product will be cost-efficient and with high quality; thus, we can export it to the international market. This project is even important for our economy as Armenian companies will stop importing the filaments from abroad (we have already talked to some companies who agreed to use our filament when it's ready), and exports will increase which is quite beneficial for a country like Armenia. As a first step of spreading the plastic recycling culture in Armenia, we are planning to organize a big public event (possible places: TUMO, malls, Moscow cinema). The aim is to visualize the recycling process by locating our machine there and do the recycling right there, where people can bring their plastic bottles, throw it in the recycling bin and try to fill the machine with beforehand cultivated plastic waste to see how it works. We are planning to conduct this event at the end of March. Recycling culture is not well developed in Armenia, and we decided to start from ourselves!

Funded by Yerevan (March 2018)