The Common Grounds

My long-term plan is to set up a sustainable plant-based cafe at the Floriade grounds in Almere. The Floriade will open up in 2022. My cafe will be called The Common Grounds. My short-term plan is to set up a pop-up cafe at the Floriade pavilion which is already open. I'll do this in cooperation with Urban Greeners, a cooperative group setting up several sustainable activities in the Floriade. The pop-up cafe will be a good exercise in seeing how people will respond to my initiatives and will be a lot of fun. We'll serve coffee and food as well offer a venue for music sessions, presentations, and discussions on a range of topics.

The Common Grounds connects people by serving food and drinks that are prepared on a sustainable basis. We do this by making our products just as tasty and affordable as non-sustainable variants.

If we would look back in ten years, to the launch of The Common Grounds, I hope that we can conclude that we have brought about a change in the acceptance of sustainable food. That, partly because of our ideas, sustainable and vegan food is no longer a niche, supported by a relatively small group but has become part of a more conscious diet by all consumers.

Funded by Almere (March 2018)