Bona Sera Above Ground

We are Ann Arbor's underground supper club. We have been hosting underground dinners for the past 3 years. All dinners are charity fundraisers for various non-profits in and around Ann Arbor. We have raised over 10 thousand dollars within these 3 years. Diners make a donation for their ticket to dinner and all proceeds raised after the cost of the food go to the charity.

We love doing the fundraisers but have been working full time jobs as well. Our goal is to become "above ground" and a legal food service business. This will enable us to continue to do charity fundraisers quarterly. An A2 Awesome grant will assist us with food licensing cost to get this project going. We have a commercial kitchen that we are renting and will be participating at the Mix Marketplace (Ypsilanti) once licensing occurs.
Here are some of the organizations we have funded in the past: Growing Hope, Jazzistry, Alternative for Girls, Neutral Zone, Ozone House, HARC, The Ann Arbor Skatepark, LAAN, AIDS Partnership Michigan

Funded by Ann Arbor, MI (March 2012)