Young Black Scholars

am the President of the Young Black Scholars club at Helix Charter High School. We are in a sense a Black and African student union who are committed to bridging cultural, economic, and social differences between all groups of people. Additionally, we serve as a resource for underserved and underrepresented students in the form of providing scholarship opportunities and organizing educational and informative events to help further students academically. Besides the educational component, we aim to implement our social justice policies within our school. Partnering with other student organizations we have launched a campaign for restorative justice within school disciplinary policies. Diversity, another key issue for students is something we as students actively advocate for within staff. Our school does not have a single Black or African teacher and for many students that is concerning. Social Justice and educational work aren't all we do. We aim to provide students with a sense of community by having movie nights, pizza parties, and field trips to social justice conferences and black college expos. All our club initiatives are extremely difficult to perform without funding so we hope to receive this grant and further our objectives and goals.

Funded by Awesome Without Borders (December 2017)