WeDo Hands-On STEM Robotics

We would like for the Awesome Foundation of Tallahassee to help include a cross-curricular coding and robotics opportunity into Sabal Palm Elementary's Special Area: Technology class. Lego Education offers a robust Robotics solution in WeDo 2.0 that not only allows students to engineer and code robotic creations but also connect to other science disciplines with lessons that also match up with Florida's Educational Standards. Students may investigate the metamorphosis of a frog, examining the life cycle while also creating a robotic demonstration that the students are able to modify into each of the 4 stages. Other projects examine various building models and how they withstand different levels of earthquakes, speed and acceleration, the parts of a flower and pollinators, and more.

The WeDo 2.0 set includes the necessary Lego blocks, Smarthub, motors, and sensors for creating the curriculum's Guided and Free Build projects, and employs Lego's WeDo 2.0 software for presenting lesson features, robot schematics, coding principles and instructions, data collection and presentation methods. Lego's purpose for this set is to provide an educational experience that can be classified as "playful learning". After a lesson, our students will walk away from the session with a deeper knowledge of not only coding and robotics experience, but also with real-world scientific knowledge that connects to their life experiences and observations.

Funded by Tallahassee, FL (October 2017)