WASUP Days! Wheelchair Adapted Stand Up Paddle Day

Adaptive Freedom Foundation is a nonprofit based in HI. We build Versatility Boards, standup paddle boards adapted to secure a wheelchair, and holds paddle days. Paddle days are free and open to the public. A typical paddle day has 5 people. We have had as few as 2 and as many as 38. We provide hope and fun by giving people with disabilities or limitations, who previously couldn't get out on a SUP the opportunity to do so.
Right now we are operating on Oahu and plan on growing onto the outer islands and Californa. We are starting our next chapter in California. We are looking at Marina Del Rey as great place to hold our WASUP paddle days.We have had lots of requests on instagram to bring our boards to people all over the world. I am from Huntington Beach, CA and can't wait to make SoCal a home base for Adaptive Freedom Foundation!
We believe if we can get a wheelchair out on the water, there's nothing we can't do! We believe this opens the minds of the paddlers to other possibilities! The ocean has such healing powers and there is such a peace about paddling across the water. We can't help but want to share it! We put smiles on faces and hope in hearts!
We think that's kinda awesome!

Funded by LA South Bay, CA (May 2017)