Children of Promise

This project is to give some children in our community who's parents are incarcerated this holiday season. For the pass 6years my organization along with help from my church have held a "Children of Promise" event for children who's parents are incarcerated or who just need a little help for the holiday. We have helped as many as 80 to 100 families in the past years as well as other outreach programs, such as showcases for our veterans, nursing homes women's transitional homes and scholarships for our youth. Because of budget cuts and funding our Children of Promise event could use so help. We have a big celebration for those children to get past that sad time . We have brunch or lunch with Santa ,gingerbread house making , a Christmas performance, gift cards, filled stocking and lots more. We know that because of funds we can not have this event on a large level but maybe on a smaller level which would still help between 125 to 150 families (including children and the care givers who have stepped in to help those children during this holiday season. Over the years I have looked into those children's faces and heard them say this was the best Christmas ever. I fill what make this project so awesome is that it is all about what each and every parents wants from their own kid, and that is to show extra love and joy all years but especially during the holiday season

Funded by Washington, DC (December 2016)