Healing Window Paintings

.We would like to bring an exhibit of Healing Window Paintings into a skilled nursing home and rehabilitation center for three months. While the exhibit runs, we would like to do a collaborative activity with staff and residents so together we can create a small permanent piece for the facility. Healing Window Paintings are created with translucent paint on clear plastic and are adhered temporarily to windows. In the daylight the paintings glow much like stained glass cascading color and light into rooms and hallways. The healing qualities of these paintings come from their images, colors and texture which encourage engagement and stimulate conversation. Residents and staff benefit from the stimulation and relaxation the paintings bring to the environment. During the activity, each participating resident or staff receives a small piece of acrylic to paint their own painting which we then adhere to a larger surface using the smaller components to paint one organic whole. This painting will then be giving to the facility so staff and residents can enjoy their own work which can continue to heal. We have been able bring paintings and activities to 16 locations in the Philadelphia area and have seen firsthand the changes our project can bring to the environment. We are highly motivated to continue to bring Healing Window Paintings are art activities into more places, but need the funding to do so!

Funded by Philadelphia, PA (November 2016)