Urban Folds

How can we transform vacant spaces into vibrant community places via art? Over the course of the next year, two artists, Jillian Wiedenmayer and Matthew Martin, will revamp the Franklin Bridge into a creative community icon by engaging the neighborhoods most active and enthusiastic citizens: its children. The project involves creative workshops at the Jackson Mann K-8 School, a community designed art installation, and will culminate a citywide art festival.

We have partnered with the Jackson Mann K-8 and the Boston Center for Youth and families to begin creative workshops with students and local community. The visuals and ideas produced in the creative workshops will be directly translated by the two artists into sculptural forms installed on Franklin Bridge. A citywide art festival will be held in mid June to celebrate the communities creative ideas and the opening of the revitalized Franklin Bridge. We hope that this project empowers and inspires other neighborhoods to transform their abandoned spaces into new creative community places.

Funded by Boston, MA (March 2016)