Canine Care Kits

A Canine Care Kit is a reusable bag that contains dog food, dog treats, a collapsible bowl, a foam sleeping pad, and a kennel lead. The goal for Canine Care Kits is to help homeless people meet the basic needs of their dogs. Many homeless people in Bend have pet dogs. Homeless people have help from soup kitchens and other non profit groups but there are few services for pets of homeless people. Dogs give their owners companionship and unconditional love. Dogs also give the owner a sense of responsibility and contribute to the owners' overall well being.
The kits could be distributed at the Family Kitchen, Bend Community Center, and Central Oregon Veterans Outreach, Initially, I would like to make 50 kits with the help of friends and family. In the future, I would like to get donations from local vendors to make more kits if needed.

Funded by Bend, OR (January 2016)