Fiesta People's Mural

The end of each June, the City of Gloucester hosts the Saint Peter’s Fiesta, one of the most important cultural events on the North Shore of Massachusetts. I propose to finish painting and hang a large mural of the Fiesta People and their magic – past and present. I intend to paint these people in a way that is worthy of their incredible strength, love, and pride – at their best and most triumphant.

I have secured the wall at the Seacoast Dental Building, 27 Commercial Street, facing Beach Court, down the Fort. There are four 6’ x 4’ MDL panels. I have also secured from Jason Turley, the dentist at Seacoast Dental, the big empty room out back with an industrial sink, to do the spray painting and finish the mural.

This “Fiesta People’s Mural” is built to last. Students from the North Shore Vocational School primed and sanded the panels, front and back, twice. I am using top-shelf outdoor acrylic paint, a new Devilbis spray gun, and the varathane coating will protect the mural for a long time to come. I have been working on the subject material – the Fiesta people - for a long time now. I feel that this mural will portray the various events of Fiesta with justice and capture the pride and beauty of these people for the citizens of Gloucester and all who come to visit Gloucester.

I have been working on this project since 2006. It has gone through several changes, including the number of panels and the location – from the original Intershell behind Captain Carlos to the Saint Peter’s Club to the best place yet – the Seacoast Dental Building. I had a health-related setback, but I feel really good about this now, and I believe that the time is right to go for it.

Please help me make this worthy project a reality. It will be a gift that keeps on giving for many years to come for the people of Gloucester.

Funded by Gloucester, MA (January 2016)