Smuggling Nature: Walking Poems Across Golden Gate

The city of San Francisco is not separate from what we call "the natural world." By using my own two feet, and by writing and reciting poems, I will remind residents of this fact, hopefully inspiring them to find their own connections between the place they call home and the encompassing environment.

Every day for a month, I will walk from the heart of the city to the Marin Headlands, write a poem based on what I find there, then return to the city, reciting my poem to strangers on the street. These poems, along with soundscape recordings made in the field, will become part of an interactive website, what we might think of as a digital version of my sidewalk recitations. When the month is over, I will take this project far beyond the Bay Area, sharing it with a nationwide audience via magazines and literary journals.

Smuggling Nature: Walking Poems Across Golden Gate is a gift. It's the gift of the world, a world that is always available to us, always right here. It's the gift of a world that is both under our feet and spreading endlessly outward in every direction.

Funded by San Francisco, CA (November 2015)