CO|LAB is a start-up collaborative co-working space for creatives. At CO|LAB a member will have 24/7 access to a shared work space with desks, tables, a lounge area, a conference table, unlimited WiFi, a kitchenette, complimentary coffee and tea, a cyclorama studio for photographers and videographers, two vanity make-up stations, storage space, rentable props, rentable studio equipment, a printer, office supplies, & a projector..

The space is a hybrid co-working space / maker space.

CO|LAB started with the intent of providing a space where creatives can collaborate. A place where amazing ideas are born & creative projects are formed. While there are other co-working spaces in town, none have catered to the creative industries. CO|LAB is a great physical platform for creatives to work, network, collaborate, teach, share, & to receive feedback from one member to another. It will also be a great resource for individuals or companies needing creative services.

In our current membership we have a very diverse set of skills. We have photographers, videographers, video & photo editors, graphic designers, web developers, writers, fashion designers, a make-up artists, a back-end marketer, a 3d animator, a painter, & a social media marketer.

Funded by San Antonio, TX (December 2015)