Blossoming Berks Garden

Our project is to build a greenhouse at an already existing small community garden at 22nd and Berks St. The greenhouse will allow production through 4 season and will aid in preparing for spring planting as well. While the garden produces enough to freeze a small amount of vegetables for winter meals, greens and small fruiting vegetable plants are sorely missed.

The garden provides produce in a very underserved community, as well as 2 safe havens. One "safe haven" is for women and is located in Center City. The other is for men and is located in West Philly. Both locations provide 3 meals a day for residents and fresh produce is a rarity due to the extremely limited food budget at these sites.

Community residents, as well as the safe haven residents, help care for the gardens and are able to attend nutrition education connecting their experience in the garden with at-home cooking and grocery shopping.

Funded by Philadelphia, PA (May 2015)