Miami Girls Rock Camp

Miami Girls Rock Camp is a camp that uses music and performance as a platform to promote self-esteem, community, and creative expression for young women and girls in Miami.

The organization will bring together girls and women aged 8 to 17 from diverse communities during a week-long summer day camp program, where they will be put into bands and learn to write/perform an original song. The program offers instrument instruction, songwriting/band practice, live performances by visiting artists/DJs, workshops, and culminates in the grand-finale showcase concert at a local venue. In an effort to create positive female role models, the camp itself is entirely staffed by female and female-identifying volunteers.

Miami Girls Rock Camp encourages girls to explore self-expression through music, hone their critical thinking skills, build meaningful alliances with other girls and women, develop confidence in making healthy choices in their lives, and effect positive change in their communities and in the world.

Funded by Miami, FL (February 2015)