Disco-Scouse will be a joyful, communal food event that brings awareness to food waste and poverty. The simple ethos is to create a big, free meal out of donated food, whilst having a cool disco-boogie! Disco-Scouse will bring people together in a creative, meaningful, focussed and fun activity, with a great process and brilliant outcome for all involved.

Volunteers and members of the public will come together in Toxteth to wash, peel, chop, cook fresh but unwanted vegetables, donated by local farms, allotments and food producers, to make delicious scouse for all who come along! The meal will be prepared to music provided by funky food DJs, encouraging a dance celebration whilst making a taste sensation!

Disco-Scouse is based on Disco-Soup - the international grassroots movement that catalyses action on food waste and works to “fill bellies, not bins”, with a Liverpool twist. We tried out a Disco-Soupe pilot in March, which worked amazingly well. Together, we made loads of soup and salad and fed approx 200 people.

We think it would be great to do Disco-Scouse during Food for Real festival (November 20th-23rd) as it will be part of a wider food-focussed series of events, with greater opportunity to publicise it to as wide an audience as possible. We'd also like to make a short film about the event to share even wider.

We think it would be awesome to make a Disco-Scouse for up to 500 people!

Funded by Liverpool (October 2014)