Meanwhile, San Francisco Microcommunities

"Meanwhile," An illustrated documentary of San Francisco Subcultures in their own words.

I'm an artist and an illustrator based in SF. Last year i started spending time with a different subcultures in SF and documenting them, what they do and why, using my drawings and the subject's own words. The subjects are people whose stories go largely untold, but are central to making SF the diverse, lively and idiosyncratic place it is. The resulting graphic narrative (also called "graphic journalism", "comic" and "narrative illustration") appears every 5 weeks or so on the literary website The Rumpus ( So far I have published pieces on the Market Street Chess Players, The Dolphin Club Bay Swimmers, Dog Walkers, Farmer's Market Farmers and Mission Bartenders. In the future I hope to feature Hunters Point Hairdressers, Dog Patch Hells Angels and Street Performers.

Things that help me do this well: my dual background in art and social work. My background in marketing that helps get the project in front of people. My interest in SF (I'm actually from the bay area if you can believe that). My insatiable curiosity about people. My naive fearlessness in precarious situations and ability to both get up at 4am or stay up till 4am to get the story.

You can see the Meanwhiles I've done so far here:

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My bio:
Wendy MacNaughton is an artist and illustrator based in San Francisco. Her work has been featured in Juxtapoz, GOOD, 7x7, Time Out NY and she is a Staff Illustrator at Longshot Magazine.

Please feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks.

Funded by San Francisco, CA (April 2011)