Urban Nation Radio

The next two phases of our Urban Nation Radio project include 1) sustaining the station to assist youth with business acumen and assistance with college tuition and 2)the animation project for the station that will further our community education concerning behavior driving economic outcomes. The phase of sustaining the station includes research and development on the different revenue streams that a web radio station may generate for its sustainability. Youth will learn how to compare and contrast different radio formats, leverage social media and the internet, evaluate trends, develop advertising packages, and create a sustainability plan for the station and scholarship for youth. The youth will present ideas and proposals for sustainability projects by the close of April 2014. Urban Nation Radio plans to present annual scholarships with the first presented in 2015. The animation portion of the project is engaging the creativity and imagination of the teens and young adults who have talent in media arts, animation, storytelling, video editing and the like. The animation shorts will be designed as advertising and show break fillers that educate youth on today's topics such as bullying, obesity, sexual identity issues, local and global politics, economics, education and much more. The stories will be entertaining, humorous, informative and engaging. The youth are slated to present character ideas by the mid May 2014.

Funded by Detroit, MI (April 2014)